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    Dan Hibell

    During the roll out of our ePMA system currently I’m finding it very difficult to try and find any current policies for locum doctors/bank nurses.

    The difficulty I’m having is trying to find a system for what to do when an emergency locum doctor/consultant is employed by the Trust for a shift. How are these staff trained (out of hours, i.e. locum employed to start at 2100 on a Saturday as an example), how do they get access to the System, passwords generated etc.

    If anyone has any current solutions or future solutions (an official policy would be great) then I would really appreciate it. My email is danielhibell (at) nhs.net

    Dan Hibell

    I’m still looking for some help on this. If anyone has anything it’d be much appreciated.

    Anna Bunch

    We have policy in place with all our Nursing agencies that they will not send staff who have not been trained to work at UHS. The training is via eLearning and can be accessed by agency staff.
    Locum Dr’s are more of an issue as we don’t have a central point for requesting, appointing a locum, but again training is done via elearning and access is given by the ePMA team 24/7.
    Anna Bunch (University Hospital Southampton)

    Lorraine Hopes

    Anna or anyone else
    Can I ask you if the trust has created their own e learning package that agency nurses and locum doctors complete on site before they would potentially work at the hospital or can the staff access the training from home or through the agency
    Look forward to hearing from anyone that has something in place

    Caroline Muholland


    the above link implies that agency staff can access the training from home if they have the right PC. My colleague found this online & we will be trying for a similar solution hopefully (but we’re a little way off that yet!)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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