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    Ian Barnard

    Has anyone either investigated or implemented using Tallman lettering for similar drug names? I demonstrated this to some of our clinicians as part of an overview of the possibilities of ePMA and they quite liked the idea and was wondering whether anyone had any thoughts or evidence of benefits.

    Many thanks

    eP team

    The benefits have not been proven and gathering evidence remains difficult – the work to date however suggests that it makes people stop and think a little longer. The use of this approach therefore remains at one’s “own risk” and if using it, it is important to ensure that the organisation understands what it stands for. There are some suggestions that capitalising the middle of the name may be the best option, as explained in this article which also includes references to other research carried out in this area.

    Dan Hibell

    Hi all,

    My trust are in the process of “rolling-out” EPMA and I recently found this NPSA document on Tall-Man lettering and other issues regarding on-screen display of medication information.

    Hope it helps,



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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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