Implementation Plans and Experiences

  1. Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration System Specification – Provided by Northumberland
  2. Medication-related clinical decision support alert overrides in inpatients
  3. Association Between Workarounds and Medication Administration Errors in Bar Code-Assisted Medication Administration: Protocol of a Multicenter Study
  4. Australian Commission on Safetly and Quality in Health Care’s National guidelines for on-screen display of clinical medicines information (January 2016)
  5. Planned Implementations of ePrescribing in NHS hospitals
  6. Learning Lessons from ePrescribing Implementation
  7. Case Study of a Hospital’s Implementation – Tony Cornford presentation at ePrescribing conference
  8. Review of two ePrescribing systems
  9. Socio-economic impact of EHR – EHRI Literature Review report
  10. Evaluation of ePrescribing –Report to the Patient Safety Programme
  11. Implementing electronic medication management at an Australian Hospital
  12. Presentation on the experience of implementing an ePrescribing system:
  13. ePrescribing in paediatrics:
  14. eP Project Management and System Configuration
  15. ePrescribing in Mental Health
  16. Lessons from Meaningful Use for the UK – presentation from David Bates
  17. Presentation by Professor Jamie Coleman on Improving patient safety and infection control through EPMA given at the Patient Safety Forum 2013.
  18. Patient Safety through ePrescribing: Report from a Roundtable Discussion jointly organised by EHI and BCS
  19. Hospital Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration Systems: Opportunities and Challenges
  20. A literature review of the training offered to qualified prescribers to use electronic prescribing systems – why is it so important
  21. Commentary by John D. McGreevey III, MD – Unexpected Drawbacks of Electronic Order Sets
  22. Post Implementation Review from Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  23. Supporting and ‘Measuring’ Clinical Pharmacy Activity – Rick Cooper, ePrescribing Lead Pharmacist UHBristol
  24. Output Based ePMA Specification – Worcestershire Health and Care
  25. Hospital Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (HEPMA) in NHS Forth Valley – Key Learning from Rapid Roll-Out
NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research, Principal Investigator: Professor Aziz Sheikh
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