04 – Drafting A Business Case

Drafting a business case is a crucial element of your planning. While business cases usually follow a similar template, they will need to take into account local needs and expectations. There are ten key questions a business case should cover:

  1. What is the overall organisational information strategy and how does the system fit into this in the short-, medium- and long-term?
  2. Which system and which supplier fits best within this information strategy?
  3. Has the implementation got necessary buy-in across the organisation?
  4. How do the short-, medium- and long-term strategies and visions of the hospital and supplier align?
  5. Has anyone else implemented this system and what are their experiences? Ideally share experiences on an on-going basis.
  6. What are current organisational processes and how can the system support these (in the short-, medium- and long-term)?
  7. What functionality can local resources realistically buy now and in the future? This will also require accounting for additional staff, infrastructure, interfacing etc.
  8. Which functionalities are essential and which are desirable? This should involve assessing organisational and individual needs of each professional stakeholder group.
  9. What organisational and individual benefits can be expected and how can they be measured?
  10. How will systems, needs and strategies change in the future?
NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research, Principal Investigator: Professor Aziz Sheikh
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