09 – Implementation

It is important to have a clear implementation strategy. There are some key decisions that will need to be made, including:

  1. Should the system be rolled-out throughout the hospital incrementally or across all areas simultaneously? The pace of implementation will vary according to local preferences and available resources, but a fast roll-out pace is generally preferred in order to minimise potential risks associated with parallel paper and electronic systems.
  2. The extent of initial support from management, information technology departments and suppliers needs to be determined.
  3. What temporary alterations to staff mix and availability will roll-out result in?
  4. It is important to remember that a period of disturbance to service delivery and initial difficulties are part of the course and should be anticipated as part of the planning. Therefore as the system becomes embedded and there is a transition to normal use, a period of stabilisation should be planned for.
NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research, Principal Investigator: Professor Aziz Sheikh
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