Evaluation Of End-Users

Evaluation Of End-Users’ Perspectives On The System And Its Deployment

Topic Guide Example

When trying to find out how end-users feel about the system, or what areas they believe have not been sufficiently addressed in the deployment (or its planning), their views can be gathered by means of interviews or questionnaires which could cover a number of topics including:

  • Type of training/preparation/ information received about the system
  • Adequacy/helpfulness of training/preparation/information. Reasons for answer.
  • Resources, tools, intervention and knowledge required to facilitate transition.
  • Engagement efforts and consultation: for example – In what ways have the views of you and your colleagues been taken into account in the planning of the implementation? What impact is this having / has it had?
  • Views on system
  • Views on the implementation strategy
  • Perspective on changes in working practices
  • Other impact /benefits /challenges/ concerns
  • Key message to own and other Trusts
NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research, Principal Investigator: Professor Aziz Sheikh
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