The ePMA journey can be a complex one, but it doesn’t need to be a lonely one. Learn from, share with or simply just talk to other NHS colleagues from the Medicines Optimisation Network.

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Collaborate with your colleagues and the wider Medicines Optimisation Network and sign up to our ePrescribing masterclasses on NHS Futures, or get specialist support or share your knowledge on Hexitime

Please note you can access the latest masterclass on our NHS Futures site. Click on the link below to find out how you can access the masterclasses + more!

  • NHS Futures

    This workspace provides a private forum for you to connect with your NHS colleagues, ask questions and share resources.  It is also a space where you can review the latest news and information, join in a discussion or provide your expertise and connect with colleagues from across the NHS here.

  • Hexitime

    A new avenue to share learning! Created by NHS staff, Hexitime is a skill exchange and timebank for improving the quality of health and care services across the UK. The premise is simple, give an hour of your time to support others with your expertise and get an hour back to redeem against expertise being offered by fellow health and care colleagues.

    Find out what specialist advice other colleagues are offering, or add your own offer to the community by accessing our ePMA Hexitime workspace here. Please note you will need to register to the site to access the community via project teams