Patient Safety

Benefit areas explored in this section

  • Management of VTE risk
  • Medicines Administration
  • Adherence to prescribing guidelines
  • Delayed and omitted doses
  • Prescribing Errors

Measuring benefits in patient safety

We asked our Medicines Optimisation Network how they have looked or were looking to measure their patient safety benefits. Examples shared in the pre-event survey included –

  • Many respondents identified they tend to measure benefits based on the live systems ‘and the optimisation work that is carried out’. This tends to be in the form of reviewing incident reports (this should not be used quantitively) and back-end data (automated reports from ePMA systems, interviews with users, monitoring compliance rates with specific protocols, missed dose data etc.)

  • Some identified they had used a mixture of quantitative methods such as staff satisfaction surveys, patient questionnaires, time monitoring for staff to measure methods of effective practice.

  • There was also interest expressed from respondents in learning more about alert acceptance, error rates and operational impacts and how this can be used to analyse trends and focus on areas of optimisation.