Operational productivity and efficiency

Benefit areas explored in this section

  • Reduction in the time for medicines administration rounds (without barcode scanning)
  • Reduction in the time taken to prescribe/wider staff time benefits

Measuring benefits in operational productivity and efficiency

Here’s what our network members had to say when questioned how they were looking to measure these benefits:

  • Plan to identify how prescribing and administration errors are occurring in order to target areas for prevention

  • Identify how restricted medicines such as non-formulary, cytotoxics and specialist medicines are being prescribed in order to ensure appropriate guidelines and policies are being followed

  • Look at how your medicines related processes change after ePMA and what improvements/efficiencies have been made. Time saved by nursing staff doing admin rounds is time that can be spent on other activities. Time saved by pharmacy staff running around with paper charts and taking paper orders to a dispensary can be spent on more worthwhile activities like patient counselling or attending ward rounds. It’s about showing ways you can use the efficiencies you create